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Protect every drop with
Trak Smart Fuel Cap
Save up to €11,000 per truck annually
with our 5-layer smart fuel security system.

Trak Smart Fuel Cap

Preventive Anti-Fuel Theft Sensor

A cutting-edge solution designed for heavy trucks. With special adapter integrations, it also secures fuel for machinery and other vehicle types. Featuring remote monitoring, a deterrent LED warning light, and a fuel theft alarm, the Smart Fuel Cap ensures comprehensive fuel protection.


Encrypted BLE 5.1 wireless communication.


Compatibility with GPS trackers.


Triggering optional external 90db Siren or vehicle warning system.


Instantly informing fleet manager in case of an unauthorised access to fuel cap.

Easy installation: plug and save

Trak Smart Fuel Cap uses encrypted BLE 5.1 communication technology to relay open, closed, or tampered status to telematics devices, ensuring fleet managers are instantly informed.

In the event of external fuel theft, the Trak Siren or the vehicle’s horn activates, provided the vehicle is equipped with our fuel security alarm system.

5-Layer Security

Unmatched fuel security with our comprehensive 5-Layer security system

1st Layer: LED Warning Light

This visible deterrent LED warning light helps keep intruders away by signaling active fuel security.

2nd Layer: Lock & Free Rotation

Our locking mechanism allows the cap to freely rotate without opening, effectively preventing unauthorized access.

3rd Layer: Tamper Detection

Tamper detection serves as a preventive layer, providing immediate notifications in case of any suspicious activity around your fuel cap, ensuring a quick response.

4th Layer: Open & Close Status

Monitor your fuel cap in real-time with status updates and location. Stay informed of your vehicle’s fuel security with instant notifications.

5th Layer: Activity Data Logging

Keep detailed records of all interactions with the fuel cap through comprehensive activity logging. Analyze usage patterns and ensure the highest level of fuel security.

Safe. Smart. Connected.

Prevents Fuel Theft

Distinctive preventive solution in the market.

Provides 24/7 status tracking possibility

Access to data which was not available before.

Compatible with key telematics hardware and software solutions

From GPS trackers to fleet management platforms, you are covered.

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